Dr. med. Frank Philipp Broehl

Consulting issues:

  • Work − life − balance
  • Nutrition following the 5 element theory
  • Motivation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self management
  • Self responsibility
  • Analysis of medical facts
  • work − life − balance:

    Today´s working world has become more and more complicated and hectic. Everyone has to be accessible at any time so that all possible problems can be solved on time. This leads to an excessive demand which will – if not have already – cause health and mental problems. Who has not heard of burn out? How often do we feel directed by others, pressed by circumstances we think cannot be influenced? There are possibilities to escape this permanent strain without losing the job, income or social connections. Individual coaching shows more efficiency than universal remedies.

    Nutrition following the 5 element theory:

    As traditional Chinese dieticians say: the misfortune comes out of the mouth, the disease comes in through the mouth. This means that many diseases are created by wrong food. Chinese dietetics is a very elaborate instrument to use food and its preparation for compensating deficacies and reducing excess energy. Healthy - ideally artisanal, not industrially produced – food can actually prevent diseases more effectively and with less costs than using pharmaceuticals when the injury has already taken place.

    Motivation as a myth:

    In most literature of management consultancy you can read that motivation is the primary key for success. Principally, motivation means that we (or someone else) want ourselves do things we really don´t like to do because otherwise we wouldn´t need motivation. Probably we sometimes should let it stay. Who is forced too often may ruin the motivation, probably permanently.

    Emotional intelligence:

    The ability to recognize, understand and influence our own feelings and those of other people correctly. Social skills are useful and necessary in any social interaction. Unfortunately, they are also named “soft skills”, which means they cannot be recognized and measured with the same accuracy as i.e. mathematic skills which result in their lower valence. But what about our “hard skills”? What if our deficiency in social competence leads to isolation, low interpersonal acceptance and rejection?

    Self management:

    Organizing my personal life, setting priorities, influencing myself with personal goals, and visions. This helps to prevent pitfalls and “digital” overload and leads to a culture where people are accepted because of their results and not because of their accessibility.

    Self responsibility:

    The responsibility for everything we are doing starts with us and ends with us. This is not a philosophical aspect but is of immense practical importance. Giving up self responsibility leads to organized irresponsibility and this is lethal for every company.

    Analysis of medical facts:

    Medical facts are often complex and difficult to grasp for a layman. What is the best, most sensible, and rational diagnostic and treatment? What could / must be done / arranged when? Even in times of “Dr. Google” not all questions can be answered substantially via the internet. Due to 35 years of experience in surgery and several subspecialities I am able to present competent second opinions for your health problems. Furthermore, I can advise you in terms of possible errors in medical treatment.

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